A standardized OH1/ OH2 centrifugal pump can be run in reverse and used as a turbine without having to make any changes to the design of the casing or the impeller geometry.

When process conditions call for pressure to be dizispated, a pump running backwards may be used to capture that otherwise wasted energy. The reverse running mode converts hydraulic energy into mechanical energy and can be used to drive a generator or to assist the driver of other rotating machines. By using an ARXS PAT, as much as 85% of the energy otherwise wasted in a throttling valve can be captured.

When modified standard pumps are used as PAT, investment costs are low as compared.

The PAT is without adjustment mechanism, flow achieved by setting a regulating valve through the inlet and outlet pipeline, so it has the advantages of small size, simple structure and convenient adjustment.

Simple structure, easy to install, easy to operate, easy to maintain the characteristics. Pump turbines also have the same advantages as pumps.

Diversity, PAT through the usual flow, head coverage is relatively wide.

Capacity Q up to 2600m³/h

Differential Head H up to 300m

Working Temperature from -80℃ up to 450℃

Pressure up to 5MPa

Turbine configuration scheme commonly used when driving the pump: PAT + (Transmission) + pump / PAT + Overrunning clutch + Motor + (Transmission) + Pump

Applications: Industrial processes (hydrocracking processes, seawater reverse osmosis desalination systems, gas processes), Water supply, generate electricity turbine drive.

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